What we do

Gencast provides advice and practical help for businesses of all kinds. We have first hand experience from single person businesses through to large, household names. We undertake projects that range from a few hours to many years. We have skills to match a wide range of requirements, built from successful business experience, gained in the real world.

We help your business to become better. From an initial discussion through to a detailed engagement plan, we identify areas that can be improved. We then provide practical assistance for dealing with your issues and achieving new goals.

Our involvement is tailored to match your particular requirements and resources. This may range from the identification of a single, small problem all the way to the implementation of a company-wide improvement plan.

Start with an initial conversation without charge or obligation. Following this we will discuss areas where we can help and agree a way of operating together to suit your company best. Examples include:

  • fixed price for agreed scope

  • unlimited access to business advice for a retainer

  • unlimited access to business advice and practical help for a retainer plus variable fee according to scope

  • a more formal business partnership