• Business improvement: Check out business processes to identify key areas for improvement. Revamp end to end marketing processes to ensure new web marketing initiatives fits properly into overall marketing plan

  • Start up: 2 year project defining and setting up a successful product design and prototyping company

  • Acquisition and set up: Spinning off a new business from a long established company that has ceased trading

  • General: Evaluation of existing business against best practice metrics to identify areas for improvement. Establish and and implement plans to make improvements

  • Growth: Addition of new services to an existing small business. Full engagement with Social Media as a means of promotion

  • Supply chain: Benchmarking against best in class and renegotiation of better business terms

  • Product: Implementation of full lifecycle planning, control and measurement. Identifying products nearing end of cycle, planning and implementing replacement



  • Numerous business set ups: Market study, supplier identification and engagement, research and development, prototyping, manufacturing and outsourcing, marketing and sales

  • Numerous business improvements: From sole traders to multinationals

  • Product development: Identification of new market requirement, development of suitable products, design, development and successful introduction

  • Social enterprise: Providing employment for people who may find it difficult working during conventional working hours or traveling to a place of work

  • Lobbying: Making governments aware of technological innovation and possible implications on policy

  • Market research: Investigation into key technologies and likely impact on European markets from low cost production in SE Asia

  • Technology: Identification and introduction of innovative technology into the commercial world. Setting up process for carrying out and managing ongoing improvement

  • Business improvement: Benchmarking against best in class. Identification of areas for improvement with full programme and metrics

  • Business modelling: Separation of business unit from existing business to allow for more appropriate focus

  • Marketing campaign: Temporary spin-out of activities so as not to interfere with day to day operations

  • Communications networks: Design, implementation and operation of fixed and wireless networks, terrestrial and submarine